Sportponies Unlimited
Sportponies Unlimited
Most folks who are already familiar with our breeding program know about us because we produced the
famous three-day eventing pony Theodore O'Connor (deceased). For those of you who have come here to
honor his memory or learn more about his remarkable story, please be patient while we reconstitute his
original web pages. You can also visit any of the following sites for more information about him:
If you've come here to consider purchasing a pony, or to learn more about the sport or hunter pony
industries, use the links on the left to locate pages on ponies for sale, foals, and stallions. You can also
read magazine articles about us, the ponies we've sold, and the many champions around the world who are
their siblings.
Sportponies Unlimited is a twenty-five year excursion into the breeding, training, competing and marketing of
sport and hunter ponies purposely for the higher levels of competition in eventing, hunters, dressage, show
jumping and combined driving.

We produce three  types of ponies, whose prices generally range from $3,500 to $20,000:
  • Sport Ponies: Keen, reactive and athletic, these ponies are bred to compete against horses. As a
    result, they are not for beginner or pleasure riders.
  • Hunter Ponies: Eye-catching, rhythmic and balanced movers, these ponies are quieter to the jumps
    and easier to develop for the average rider.
  • Pleasure Ponies: Not every pony we breed ends up with the traits necessary to compete at higher
    levels. Most of these ponies make excellent pleasure ponies for families or less ambitious riders to
    ride on trails or show locally.
Theodore O'Connor: International Sport Pony Phenomena
What You Will Find On This Site
Theodore O'Connor
Enthusiastic, athletic Thoroughbred crosses
for the highly motivated, smaller rider.
1. Cash: 14.1 3/4h, 3/4 TB
with USEF perm pony card

2. Annie: 15.0h, 7/8 TB, age 3

3. Karen: 14.1h, Tk/TB, age 3

4. Hal: Tk/TB, event-bred yrlg